Keeping our community safe?

Our community of Publishers and Advertisers are looking for a safe and reliable resource for monetizing their content, promote their goods and services and grow in their endeavors. At we are committed to make it easy and fair for all our users to grow with us. With this ease in use comes great responsibility from all parties, you and us as a team. 


First, we strongly prohibit the use of our services to shorten links that redirect people to unwanted, undesirable and/or malicious content. Anyone caught sharing links or using our advertising platform to promote, redirect and in engage in illegal, distasteful, spamming, misleading or any other action that is questionable in its intention and integrity will be ban from our services. We believe in the giving people the benefit of the doubt, hence we will give most users up to 3 opportunities prior to terminating their account and banning any URL's that are unwanted dependent on the severity of the action. For actions that are simply unacceptable in any community, we reserve the right to terminate a users account and ban any unwanted URL's immediately. With life and in everything we do, we need to use common sense to guide our actions and our virtual community is no different. 


So how can you help in making our community a great environment for you and others?  Well the easiest way is to use that voice that tells us what is good verses what is not. Often we know when we are about to do something that can be offensive or harmful to others, and this is the time to say no and redirect that intuitive and brilliant energy to something that is positive, rewarding and helpful to others. You can promote your affiliate link and make up to 20% commission on revenue produce by your affiliate partners that sign up under your account. 


AVOID at all times redirects and advertising that contain violence, sexual content, the sale of counterfeit products or other materials, illegal substances and drugs, promote firearms or anything that can inflict physical or mental harm, and of course any code or site that may contain malware or undesirable content. Life is about karma, never risk your life's good vibes and energy for a moment of satisfaction that will attract other negative energy. 


There are many things you could do to make your experience and others pleasant and inviting. The easiest and safest is when sharing content using our shortening link tool among your own network of friends and family through messaging, and in your social media like Facebook and Twitter.  If you have interesting ideas, or like to write you can share short links that are relevant to the topic via your personal website, blogs and even for free in site like Disqus. 


We aim to make the place of choice for everyone, and you and everyone to join us in providing a World Class service. 

Published on: 2/24/18, 2:03 PM