Making winners?

There are no get rich schemes, and if there are they are probably not ones that would be most welcome in our platform or most other networking communities. So the best answer to become a winner is to think slow, long and lasting.  Take for example the power of our affiliate program. As an affiliate partner you can earn 20% of all the revenue produce by everyone that signs up using your affiliate link.  Think of what that could look like over a 3, 5 and maybe even a 10 year period.  You could secure a niche that could pay you returns for a lifetime.  Initially it may not seem like much, because it's penny's and it may even feel a bit frustrating at first, but not giving up and been consistent will pay huge in the end. 


By the same token, if you can think long term when creating user experience.  If you create content like blogs, you can write an article every so often over a long time.  Before you know it you will have a library of subjects and material that will be potential for those that are search to find answers, historical events, suggestions and anything much much more.  Again, these articles may not be seem like much initially, but they would be your original content and it self compound to bring value your efforts.


Think about connect with your audience by addressing topics that could be trending in the moment, but also look ahead at topics that could be of interest to future views.  For example what are products that are soon to come out in the market by known companies.  Another good way to connect and build your audience is by connecting with topics that are important withing your local communities.  Often local connections are very powerful in create niche markets that understand the views and interest others.  Of course you may not get a huge audience right away, but with consistency you could this niche can become popular in other communities and eventually the multiplying affect kicks in. The beauty is that you acquire loyal followers and will support your efforts and be your promoter through their social sites, friends and family.


So, while it's not a secret nor complicated, the answer is simply think slow, long and lasting! And we hope to see you grow with, much success!

Published on: 2/24/18, 3:59 PM