There are more ways to make money.

Of course, by now you should already know how easy it is to use to create and share your favorite links with your network of followers, friends and family while building a nice interesting new source for making money.


Perhaps what you didn't know is that there are a lot more ways for you to make money while using our platform.  The great news is that they are nearly as simple as using our shortening URL link tool.  The second most popular way to increase your earnings is perhaps just as obvious, by inviting new users using our Affiliate Referral Program. Unlike many other Affiliate Referral Programs that make you go through audious process, simply sign-up to, ideally giving proper credit to the person who refferred you to us in the first place by using their refferal link just to fair, then click on menu and click on "Referral".  On the "Referral" page you will find the auto-generated and personal Referral URL link that will look similar to (as an added bonus, from time to time we will randomly select a user from our community to be the redirect of this sample referral link which should create additional opportunities of revenue for our members as way of us saying Thank You for your support). Now all you need to do is invite others to join using your referral URL link and you will earn up to 20% of the revenue your partners generate on our platform.  You can even use our shortening URL tool to shorten your referral link and even make more money while sharing your referral link.  Every new member that signs-up using your personlized created Affiliate Referral Link will be listed on the Referral page below "My Referrals".  Now, go online to your social media account and text your closest friends and family with the great news and share your link (No Spamming).


In addition to our great Affiliate Referral Program, we have over five other ways to monetize.  Simply sign-up to, click on menu and click on "Tools".  In our "Tool" section you will find additional resources which include API's and sources code that you use to help increase your revenue stream.  For example you can replace all the links on your website or blog so that they are replaced with the shorten URL links.  Each section contains the resource tools and instructions on how to use them.


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Let's not forget, is a great way to engage your audience and advertise your website, products, services and favorite charities. You have the option to create the right advertising campaign that fits your needs, by selecting from Interstitial, Banner and No Advertisement types of promotions. Our Advertising campaigns are engaging and provide a 5 second delay between your promotion and the visitors link before they can exit, which enhances and ensures that visitors will increase their familiarity with your prodcuts and services.  This interaction increases your chances to convert your promotions to real traffic and greater conversions for revenue.

Published on: 2/24/18, 6:25 PM