Monetizing in 2018

This new year, 2018, brings many challenges for content developers and web publishers in the area of monetization.  These are not your good old days of the cute cat in YouTube that made millions of hits. Today, there thousands upon thousands of videos with cute animals, cute babies, cute this and that.  Also, more than ever the ability to create a web page, blog or set your presence in the World Wide Web has become increasingly easier and will become even more simpler as the ability to share and sell access to the internet spreads with ever so more ease.


So, the natural questions are how can hyper speed through those that have come before me that have well established themselves? or even keep on top of my game as new and more publishers compete for the attention of sponsors? The truth is that there is no one cookie cutter solution as different venues offer a vast of advantages and disadvantages for publishers that are looking to maximize their profits while reducing the effort to produce content that will keep your audience engage and returning, which will translate to greater airtime and more potential advertisement sponsors willing to invest in your content.  One thing is for sure, you will need to be willing, able and commitment to maintaining your content up to date and fresh so that people will have some desire to visit.



There is of course one great news in that there is one way to minimizes the burden of disproportionate content creations verses compensation, where everyone can be fairly compensated for their individual efforts.  By sharing your favorite videos, blogs, news clips and so much more while using the URL link shortening tool you will be rewarded, advertisers will get promoted, and content creators will get their visitors.  


The URL link shortening tool is the perfect echo system to that brings together and links the publishers, advertisers and customers of the World Wide Web together.

Published on: 3/1/18, 7:48 PM